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Advocacy and Outreach News

Advocacy and Outreach News

Why do we at ADDA believe so strongly in ADHD advocacy, awareness and outreach?

Because our mission is to improve the lives of people with ADHD and we can’t do that in isolation:  

  • We believe that adults with ADHD have to understand the disorder to successfully manage it.
  • We believe that the public, media and policy makers should know about adult ADHD and its potentially devastating effects if undiagnosed and untreated – and the positive outlook for adults who learn to manage their ADHD.
  • We believe that the millions of adults who are struggling, unaware that they have ADHD deserve a chance to succeed.

For those reasons – and many others, a core part of our mission at ADDA is to advocate for adults with ADHD, raise awareness about ADHD to the public and outreach to adults with ADHD, their families, friends, loved ones and caregivers. 

Our motto is Education + Advocacy = Empowerment.  And we strive every day to empower adults with ADHD throughout the world.  Some of our advocacy outreach and awareness initiatives include:

ADHD AWARENESS DAY – ADDA was the only organization to work with Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) to write and pass a US Senate Resolution creating ADHD Awareness Day in 2004.  ADHD Awareness Day has been celebrated every year since then, with ADDA always at the forefront. 

CULTURAL DIVERSITY – ADDA has co-sponsored the annual People of Color Conference with the Mental Health Association of Delaware for the past three years.  This year, we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding those efforts and will present the first People of Color conference in Pennsylvania this fall.

ADHD IN THE WORKPLACE – ADDA was the first organization to recognize the importance of understanding the impact of ADHD in the workplace and the first to reach out to human resources professionals.  The "ADDA Workplace Brochurewas developed by our outstanding workplace committee and has been distributed to thousands of employers and employees across the country

ADHD and Criminal Justice – Our ADHD and Correctional Healthcare Subcommittee is staffed by some of the top experts in correctional health care and ADHD.  They have presented at the National Correctional Health Care Conference and asked to work with CME providers, government and others to understand and improve conditions for adults with ADHD that enter the criminal justice system.

PUBLIC AWARENESS – ADDA was one of several organizations to sponsor the national Adult ADHD is Real public service campaign, supported by Shire Pharmaceuticals and featuring actor/comedian Howie Mandel.

These are just some of our efforts and we invite you to join us…

Volunteer with ADDA 
Look at our Advocacy Resources
Read the latest ADHD advocacy news from ADDA
Start a local adult ADHD support group in your area

Find ADHD awareness, advocacy or outreach events

DONATE to ADDA and help us continue our Advocacy, Outreach and Awareness efforts!

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