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September 2013

A Message From the Editor

Next month (October) is ADHD Awareness Month (you know, 'cause a week just isn’t enough!)   To learn more about ADHD Awareness Month (and about ADHD) we encourage you to visit www.adhdawarenessmonth.org.  There are numerous resources, a test to see if you have ADHD (I passed and I didn’t even study!) and a survey about adult ADHD that will help collect information we can use to increase awareness!

In addition to supporting www.adhdawarenessmonth.org as a member of a coalition of organizations helping to promote awareness of ADHD, ADDA will be offering a whole series of special Webinars for ADHD Awareness month (and that’s in addition to the exciting Webinars we already have planned for you!  Keep an eye on your email to see when the special Webinars announced, and check out the summary of the usual great lineup we have coming below.

Also scheduled for ADHD Awareness Month, the Virtual ADHD Conference will be held October 7th to 10th.  A face-to-face conference is always fantastic, but if you didn’t make it to Detroit this year, or if maybe you still don’t know everything you want to know about living with adult ADHD (who does!?) sign up for the Virtual ADHD Conference today.  Yes, that’s an affiliate link, so not only will you be learning some great stuff, you’ll be supporting ADDA!  Wins all around!

Plus we have some great articles for you this month.  Lisa Wills shares her own personal story about the power of story.  It really is all in how you tell it, and that is a particularly appropriate message with ADHD Awareness Month coming up.  Douglas Harris shares an article that gives us hope for the future by comparing the experience of two graduate students coping with ADHD separated by 20 years of improved awareness.  Laurie Chester shares some tips for taming technology because for those of us with ADHD, who are already overloaded by life in general, throwing technology management into the mix can be particularly problematic.

Great Resources for Adults with ADHD

And of course, we have our usual roster of great resources for adults with ADHD!

And on to the articles…

The Power of Your Story
By Lisa Wills

auremar-123RF Stock PhotoThere is power in your journey.  Your life, your adventures along the road, how you cope, how you succeed, even how you fail but pick yourself up again… those are the elements that make up your journey, and that journey is your story.  Rick Green, one of the amazing keynote speakers at the ADDA conference taught us about The Power of Story.  The way you tell your story can and will change people’s lives.  It can change your life, and it can reach out and change the lives of others, giving them hope and courage and joy. Read more»

Awakening to Adult ADHD Can Save Your Dreams
By Douglas Harris

gregepperson / 123RF Stock PhotoI knew it was over late on a Friday afternoon.  In my doctoral program, neurobiology seminars were required and I was sitting in my usual spot in the back of the room.  Through the open window I could hear the Michigan marching band practicing in the distance.  And that was all I could focus on or cared to focus on.

My wife had started her medical practice, we had a three year old, and we were living in a 140-year old farm house we were renovating ourselves.  I was commuting to school but felt torn in many directions.  I switched to botany the following semester, grasping at straws to save an academic career, but I eventually dropped out.  I hadn’t anticipated this turn of events when I opened that acceptance letter from the University of Michigan biology doctoral program.  That day anything seemed possible. Years of frustration had shattered that belief. Read more»

You Can Do It! Controlling your Technology Use
By Laurie Chester

dolgachov / 123RF Stock PhotoFacebook, email, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Skype, texting, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, blogging, Hulu, Hyper…Smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, e-readers…Technology has become an integral part of everyone’s lives in a very short period of time.  Anyone under the age of 30 has never known a world without cell phones, personal computers and easily-available Internet.  If fact, for adolescents and young adults, technology is a fundamental part life — as important to them as having air to breathe.  We would be hard pressed to exist without it.  Read more»

What’s Happening With Webinars?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tipping The Scales In Your Favor – Highlights Of Research You Can Use with Tracy Ware, MD

tashatuvango / 123RF Stock PhotoDr. Ware will again rely on her sometimes unique perspective to highlight recent research and publications that have the potential to be of immediate value to the ADHD Community. Her perspective reflects her efforts to integrate 25 years of professional experience treating adult ADHD with her 30 year history of living with family members with ADHD. She is convinced that few professionals appreciate the discrepancy between their conceptualization of ADHD and the reality of the disorder. Read more»

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Using Mindfulness for Adult ADHD with Lidia Zylowska, MD

Mindfulness is a meditation-based approach that is increasingly used to train attention, decrease stress and promote mental well-being. We’ll examine mindfulness as an attention/awareness training that strengthens self-regulation skills and present a step-wise process of incorporating mindfulness into one's life in an ADHD-friendly way. Read more»

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Timers and Reminders: Smart tools and Brain-wise Strategies with Eric Tivers

Learning to live well with ADHD is an ongoing process. This session will feature all kinds of smart tools and brain-wise strategies for managing your ADHD. Join us to discover some cool gadgets, really smart apps, and very unique timers. Read more»

To your success,

Duane Gordon
ADDA eNews Editor


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