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May 20, 2014

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-  Twice Exceptional or Double Trouble? A Journey of Self Discovery (Part 3)

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   A Message from the Editor

It is absolutely amazing how much we have packed into today’s issue of the ADDA eNews!

What’s Going On at ADDA’s 25th Anniversary Conference?

ADDA’s 25th Anniversary International Adult ADHD Conference is growing by leaps an bounds!  This is already on track to be the biggest and best ADDA Conference ever, but here in Communication at ADDA, we’re struggling to keep up with all the new announcements!  This Conference for adults with ADHD is the biggest and best of its kind that has EVER been held! ANYWHERE!  Registration is open and you do not want to miss it! 

This month we announced our exciting preconference:

Managing ADHD in the Workplace: Especially for the business community, this preconference will be a full-day event on Thursday, July 24, 2014.

And just this week, we announced:

Virtual Art Exhibit: We’re inviting visual artists to participate in the world-renowned ADDA Talent Show, not by painting on stage, but by submitting photos of their work for display before, during and after the ADDA Talent Show.  Finally, it’s your turn to shine!

Call for Research Posters: ADDA Conferences help ADDA fulfill its mission by bringing together science and the human experience for both adults with ADHD and professionals who serve them.  This year, ADDA is calling for research poster presentations to bring even more science from more researchers out of the laboratory and into practice helping adults with ADHD.

And we haven’t even had a chance to put these on the Web site yet!  (They’ll be up in the next few days, so keep your eyes open!  But let’s face it – the only way you won’t miss anything is to make sure you’re registered for the biggest ever ADDA Conference.)

Gala Dinner and Auction: On Saturday evening, we’re holding a gala dinner in honor of ADDA's Silver Anniversary!  That’s not news – but what is news, is that we’ll be holding an auction.  In a special fund-raising event, bid on everything from dining at Dr. Hallowell’s table that evening, donated fine art or having lunch with Sari Solden and much, much more.  Watch for more announcements in the coming days!

ADHD Coaching Preconference: Sarah Wright will be presenting Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about ADHD Coaching (and didn’t even know to ask!)”  The 2012 recipient of The Glen Hogard Award for Distinguished Service to the Professional ADHD Coach Community and author of ADHD Coaching Matters: The Definitive Guide, will be explaining what ADHD coaching is, the science behind it, its fascinating history, how to get trained and certified and more.  If you’ve ever been curious about ADHD coaching, either because you have ADHD, love someone with ADHD, or think you might like to join this rewarding profession, this presentation is for you.  Watch for more announcements soon!

ADHD Coach “Speed Dating”: Creating an effective partnership between an adult with ADHD and an ADHD coach requires investigation on both sides.  Since no other event brings so many adults with ADHD and ADHD Coaches together under one roof, the ADDA Conference provides the ideal opportunity for potential coaching clients and credentialed coaches to meet, greet and connect… or not.  To make this process fun, we’ve created ADHD Coach “Speed Dating!” Watch for an announcement and the opportunity to sign up this week!

No matter what we tell you here, you know we’re just scratching the surface of the magical experience that is the ADDA Conference.  Don’t put it off and don’t miss out.  Register today. Still can’t decide?  Look here to see what others think of ADDA Conferences.  We hope you’ll join us in…

Celebrating the Progress of the Past and the Promise of the Future


Help With ADHD Research: Approaches to Managing ADHD Study

Meredith Bergey, a doctoral student in Sociology and Social Policy at Brandeis University is researching approaches to managing ADHD.  The study examines the roles different fields play in managing ADHD including the types of services they provide, the types of training their members pursue and their perspectives on their work.  She is seeking ADHD coaching clients to interview by phone, or by Skype, at your convenience.  Information from the interview will only be used for research and is kept completely confidential.  Interviews, which take 30-45 minutes, will be recorded but only with a participant's permission.  Your experience and perspective are important to the study.  If you are interested, please contact Meredith at


More Great Webinars!

We’ve got fantastic Webinars this month!

May 21, 2014: 9PM Eastern
The Couple's Guide to Thriving with ADHD with Melissa Orlov
Learn more »

June 11 & 12, 2014: 9PM Eastern
25th Anniversary ADDA Conference Preview Open to the General Public

June 18, 2014: 9PM Eastern
Breakthrough Adult ADHD Coaching: Using Character Strengths to Ignite more Passion, Purpose and Possibilities in Your Life
with David Giwerc

Learn more »

Until next month, here's –

To your success,

Duane Gordon
ADDA eNews Editor


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  ADDA Articles

The Real Lessons You Learn In School

By Leila Claire Brandt

People don’t understand ADHD.  They think we can’t focus.  The truth is, we hyperfocus on things that interest us, which is often not what we should focus on.  Very few students enjoy homework, so for someone with ADHD, focusing on homework is almost impossible.  There are so many more enjoyable things we could do, and technology, though wonderful, opens the door to even more distractions.

Many people don’t believe in ADHD.  When I first tell people I have ADHD, they dismiss my complaints.  They think I'm one of the “children” misdiagnosed because they get bored in class or have too much energy.  But I’m not hyperactive and I am certainly not misdiagnosed. Read More»


Succeeding With a Lack of Structure: Tips for Working On Your Own (Part 3)

By Alan Brown

In the last issue of the ADDA eNews, I described a benefit of working in a corporate or group environment; the inherent structure provides an external structure that we ADHDers lack “internally” – and contrasted it with the perils of working independently – at home or otherwise on our own.

Without the “safety net” of an external workplace structure (e.g., a boss keeping us accountable or a team member providing the occasional timely nudge), a key in our success is to build our OWN structures to compensate for those we lack inwardly.

Let’s take a look at a series of specific structural deficiencies along with some ways you can build your own structures.  Read more»


Twice Exceptional or Double Trouble? A Journey of Self Discovery (Part 3)

By Douglas Harris

In the last couple of issues of ADDA’s eNews issues, I’ve described the contrast between working in a corporate or group environment vs. working independently – at home or otherwise on our own.  While we ADDers often gravitate toward the latter, such unstructured environments lack the “safety net” of an external workplace structure (e.g., a boss who keeps us on our toes or team members with a timely bit of support).  As such, a key to our success is our ability to build our OWN structures to compensate for those we lack inwardly.

Here is the next article in the series of specific ADHD structural shortcomings or “lackings” paired with ways to build your own structures.  And remember, even if you’re employed in an environment with a feisty boss and a great team, these tips will boost your workplace mojo… Read more»


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