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November 2012  

A Message From the Editor

First, I have to tell you, you rock! ADDA’s mission is to help adults with ADHD lead better lives, and we’re doing that every day. And now that mission is taking us into the halls of our legislature. ADDA formed its first Public Policy Committee a little over a year ago, hoping that one day ADDA would be able to advocate for its members at the highest levels. In the spring of 2012, your Board of Directors voted to support the opening of the Legislative Action Center on the ADDA Web site. Read more»

More Articles for Adults with ADHD

Alex Goes to College: It’s a Lifesaver, It’s an Agenda! No, It’s Both!

Any journey can be made easier with the counsel of those who’ve gone before, so Alex Marco, a senior in high school preparing for college has agreed to provide you, future university students (and your parents) with a guide on your journey to continue your education beyond high school. In this month’s article, Alex will share more of her adventures as she journeys through the transition from high school to university with you in this second article in the series, "Alex Goes to College.” Read more»

ADHD and PTSD: An Explosive Mix

This issue we’re introducing a new feature and a new member of the ADDA eNews team. Iban Goicoechea, a military veteran and college student with ADHD is on a mission. Yes, he’s been on missions before, but we’re hoping this one will be less dangerous! Iban wants to make a difference for veterans who are dealing with ADHD and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD, although I hesitate to call it that, for reasons that will become clear in Iban’s article.) Read more»

An Interview with Dr. Julie Schweitzer, Part II

Rheba Estante, the ADDA eNews Neuroscience editor, and frequent contributor known for her interviews of doctors and scientists at the leading edge of ADD/ADHD research. This month, Rheba offers the second part of her interview with Dr. Julie Schweitzer, where they explore the impact of ADHD beyond the laboratory. Read more»

What’s Happening With Webinars?

ADDA WebinarADDA members, we have more great Webinars coming this month. On November 28, 2012, in a Webinar for members only, Dr. Bertin will be sharing "Tools for Everyday Living – Common Sense Practices for Managing ADHD” including mindfulness exercises usable in everyday life for common ADHD related challenges such as chronic struggles to finish tasks and negative self-talk as well as issues with eating, sleeping and beyond....

And on December 5, 2012, John I. Bailey, MD will be speaking on "Smooth Stimulants: Go With the Flow" in a Webinar open to everyone. This lecture will present an easy-to-grasp approach to medication dosing and scheduling which can help you understand what your meds are doing and what they need to do -- which is to provide smooth, even, unrationed support throughout your entire day, not just a part of it! Then you can use what you've learned to help you and your doctor determine the best medicine plan for your lifestyle and you.

To your success,

Duane Gordon
ADDA eNews Editor


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