The Day the Lights Went On

How Later-in-Life ADHD Education and Diagnoses Transformed Two Lives

For too many adults with ADHD there is an invisible veil of darkness and despair that prevents them from understanding their own unique ADHD brain wiring. The world has sent them a strong message that the way they think and behave is consistently sub-par – or at least off the mark. Obviously this is the case for the 85% of adults who remain undiagnosed – but even many among those diagnosed.

Yet neuro-diversity and neuroscience research have dispelled the limited-options-theory of learning. They reveal there are trillions of ways to process, learn and create significant contributions in our own unique ways. You just have to become aware of how your own unique ADHD brain wiring can successfully work for you. It is and always will be the source of your divine inner, hidden light.

If you are among those fortunate to have been diagnosed later in life, you may have experienced a special moment; experience, or day when your inner light of awareness went on and brilliantly illuminated a clear, new understanding and acceptance of your own ADHD. It may have occurred when you were reading a book, attending a conference or discovering your child, a friend or relative had been diagnosed. No matter how or where it happened, on that special day, the lights went on and you knew your life would never be the same.

During this dynamic and inspirational presentation, two former successful advertising executives, David Giwerc, Master Certified ADHD Coach, MCAC, Founder/President of the ADD Coach Academy, and Alan Brown, creator of ADD Crusher™ and an ADHD coach, will introduce you to their personal journeys of later-in-life ADHD education and diagnoses which transformed both their personal and professional lives.

Their positive, energy and enthusiasm will not only be contagious but it will empower you to pursue a path of personal transformation full of purposeful passion while embracing your own ADHD unique brain wiring.