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January 2013  

A Message From the Editor

This summer July 18 to July 21, 2013, ADDA will hold its famous National Conference at the beautiful Marriott at the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michigan!

The first ADDA Conference I attended was in Tucson, Arizona in 2005. I had recently been diagnosed with ADHD and I was struggling. We’re lucky to have an active ADHD Support Group here in Montreal, so I heard about the ADDA Conference at one of the meetings. A fellow member and friend turned to me and said "Go to the ADDA Conference. It’ll change your life.” She was right.

Before the Conference, I felt ADHD was a problem you tried to hide while searching desperately for a cure. I was amazed to find so many people with ADHD congregated in one place, and they weren’t hiding from their ADHD, they were revelling in it! It was like coming home. I could be exactly who I am. The freedom was intoxicating. I was sitting in the conference room on the second day and I turned to my wife saying, "That’s it. We’re attending every ADDA Conference from now on.” We have... and we will.

It was at that conference too, that I first volunteered to write for ADDA. I had always enjoyed writing, but I’d never been asked to contribute to something that could make a difference in people’s lives. I was hooked. That was seven years ago, and I’ve discovered that striving to make a difference in people’s lives helps many, many people, but it helps you most of all. Since that first time, at each Conference I’ve taken a more active role as a volunteer, and the rewards in my own life have been incalculable.

Many people have shared similar stories about how an ADDA Conference was the catalyst for dramatic changes in their own lives. Of course, only good things will happen when 600 adults with ADHD come together in one location. It’s exciting, it’s entertaining and it’s educational. Over the years, many, many adults with ADHD have told me that the ADDA Conference was the first place they felt completely at home and comfortable being themselves.

Preparations are underway and we’ll be announcing details as they become available. You won’t want to miss a single detail! Mark the dates immediately in your agenda, start planning your vacation, put your pennies away… whatever it takes… I highly recommend you attend the ADDA Conference in 2013. It’ll change your life. We're already looking for conference committee volunteers, including volunteers to read and rate program proposals, lead various conference committees and assist us onsite. If you’d like to help organize the conference, please contact the ADDA National Conference committee chairperson.

We can’t wait to see you this summer!

Until next month, here's...

To your success,

Duane Gordon
ADDA eNews Editor

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In my last article in the November 2012 eNews, I spoke about being invited to dine with Whitehouse staffers, an event where I had the opportunity — I felt it was an obligation — to address veterans’ concerns in three areas including the relationship between PTSD and ADHD and the surprising dearth of research into the effects of their co-existence in many veterans like me. Since that article, I’ve received positive feedback from numerous veterans grateful I’ve shared issues they’ve been facing but have difficulty expressing.

In this issue, I want to digress a bit, and share something I’ve found especially helpful. As a veteran returning to university, I’ve had to completely change my pre-military coping methods of dealing with stress as I once-again faced the demands of academic life, and most recently, final exams. Read more»

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blown bulbAt the age of 32 Michael Camoin was fired from his job as a school social worker, and then diagnosed with ADHD and depression.

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