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ADDA eNews March 2013
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Attention Deficit Disorder Association - ENews

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Attention Deficit Disorder Association

March 2013  

A Message From the Editor

There are a million… nope, a million and one! (Just thought of another one!)... reasons I’m anticipating the 2013 International Adult ADHD Conference, and I want you to meet me in Motown!

Reach Out for Connection, Hope and Empowerment
The 14th International Adult ADHD Conference
July 18 – 21, Detroit 2013

Presented by ADDA and ADHDAware

Sari Solden has confirmed as a keynote speaker! Every morning Conference attendees gather to listen to a keynote speaker… it’s a great way to start the day! And when that speaker is Sari Solden, well… I still remember her keynote address where she described her "sheep shame.” She told how she and her family had moved from the city out to a farm, and how she worried that their sheep just didn’t measure up. She felt her sheep were dirtier somehow, their wool more matted, than her neighbors’ sheep.

Of course, she wasn’t speaking about sheep, but revealing how adults with ADHD live with shame, constantly comparing themselves to others and coming up short. Her presentation was touching and, obviously, memorable (and since I have a notoriously fickle memory, that’s saying something!) and I look forward to an even more enjoyable experience this summer in Detroit.

And speaking of Detroit, the Adult ADHD Conference is being held at The Renaissance Center, a group of seven interconnected skyscrapers in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Many of you know I’m an artist and a big fan of beautiful architecture and cityscapes. I’m really looking forward to seeing this architectural star of downtown Detroit.

It’s General Motor’s world headquarters, but the central tower, the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center, where the Conference is being held, is the tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere!

Keep watching your inbox for the latest news about the Conference and stay tuned for when you can register because you won’t want to miss the Early Bird Specials!

Duane Gordon
ADDA eNews Editor

Great Articles for Adults with ADHD

Writing for Wellness
By Michelle Berberet

The page listens.
Absorbs our tears,
confronts our fears,
doesn’t shrink from our rage,
and takes only delight in our joy.

My mind is racing. I am stuck where I stand because each leg is trying to go in the opposite direction. What do I do?

I write.

What do I write? Read more»

Where Will Your Child Be Their Sophomore Year in College?
by Dr. Ralph G. Perrino and
Ms. J. Denise Perrino

Home, Sweet Home: Why Didn’t You Go to School Close to Home in the First Place?

College is for everyone, right? Perhaps. A four-year university degree is certainly not the right choice for some students, but there seems to be a lack of connection between action and reality on this issue. Some students go to college at the age of 18 for all the wrong reasons—adult pressure/misplaced ego, peer pressure, "zip code envy,” counselor/teacher advice, unrealistic understanding of financial implications—the list goes on.

Sending your child to college at the age of 18 for the wrong reasons can be costly on several fronts. Read more»

What Makes a Marine a Marine?
By Iban Goicoechea

The United States Marine Corps is legendary for many reasons. "The few, the proud, the Marines” embodies our commitment to a Standard of Excellence.

U.S. Marines live by a code, and it’s this code that makes Marines "Marines." This code includes an attitude that "Failure is not an option" and an approach to any problem that guarantees success, "Improvise, adapt and overcome." Read more»

What’s Happening With Webinars?

ADHD 101 (and 102, and 103. . .) Part II
with Ari Tuckman

Don’t forget Dr. Ari Tuckman will be speaking tonight, March 20, 2013 for an in-depth Q&A session for ADDA members only. Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA is the author of three books: "Understand Your Brain, Get More Done: The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook”, "More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD” and "Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for Clinicians.” If you have a question about ADHD adults, he has the answers. Read more»

How to Curb Impulsive Spending: Money & ADHD
with Stephanie Sarkis PhD NCC LMHC

Then, on March 27 in a session open to the public, Stephanie Sarkis will be explaining "How to Curb Impulsive Spending: Money & ADHD.” Stephanie Sarkis PhD NCC LMHC, is the author of four books, including ADD and Your Money: A Guide to Personal Finance for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (2009). Dr. Sarkis is a blogger for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today and a nationally certified counselor and licensed mental health counselor with a counseling and coaching practice in Boca Raton. Read more»


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