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iqoncept / 123RF Stock PhotoADDA’s Webinars/Teleclasses have been such a hit that we’re offering classes throughout the year! Teleclasses will run for an hour, on Wednesday nights starting at 9:00 PM EST. The classes have been expanded, from a phone-based program to a Webinar format. Now members will also have the ability to login online, via a link we provide, to chat with other participants and view the slides as the presenter is scrolling through them. Attendees will be able to send their questions to the speaker via the Web and hear them answered live.

How to Attend

Webinars are offered as an ADDA Member Benefit. The URL to sign-up and receive the information and handouts for each webinar will be available for members when logged into their accounts.

You can register once logged into your ADDA account. On the left side of your webpage there is a nav bar with a tab that has "Just for Members." You would click on that tab which takes you to all the information you need as an ADDA member. To sign up for the webinar just scroll down to the 2013-14 webinars and click the link and you will see all the replays and any information to sign up for future webinars. If you have any questions, please email

Not a member? Join today for as low as $50 (individual member rate) and gain access to the 2013 series as well as archived files of our previous webinar/teleclass series.

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2014 ADDA Webinar Schedule

Date and TimeSession TitleRegister

September 3, 2014
9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 6PM Pacific


It's Exhausting Pretending to Be Normal: Secrets to Coming Out of the ADHD Closet - with Linda Roggli
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September 24, 2014
9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 6PM Pacific

Normal Aging, ADHD or Alzheimer's? How to know you are not going crazy! - with Laurie Dupar
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2014 ADDA "Taste of the Conference Webinar"


Date and TimeSession TitleRegister

June 10, 2014

ADDA Conference “Taste Test” Webinars - with a number of Conference speakers

Click here for Replay of Webinar.

June 12, 2014

Continuing with the ADDA Conference “Taste Test” Webinars - with a number of Conference speakers

Click here for Replay of Webinar.


Normal Aging, ADHD or Alzheimer's? How to know you are not going crazy!

Do you feel like your brain has become a “cerebral ghost town”? Do you find yourself forgetting names, dates, past events? Do you wonder if you are losing your mind or plain just going crazy?

How often do thoughts and questions like these race through your mind? All of us experience forgetful, fuzzy moments, particularly during periods of high stress, and increasingly so as we grow older. Many people can be alarmed and fear that the fuzziness they’re experiencing is just the tip of some terrible iceberg. So how do you tell when fuzzy thinking is simply part of normal aging or when might it be an indication of a late diagnosis of ADHD or even more serious Alzheimer’s?

The difference between normal aging and more significant mental health challenges such as ADHD or Alzheimer’s, can be difficult to separate. Join Laurie Dupar, trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Credentialed ADHD coach from, learn the answers during her interactive break out session and put your mind at ease.

Laurie DuparLaurie Dupar is a trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and professionally credentialed ADHD coach, specializing in mental health and ADHD. She is the owner of and provides one on one ADHD coaching and mentor coaching. Laurie is a sought after motivational speaker on topics of ADHD, coaching, and entrepreneurship. She is the writer and author of Brain Surfing and 31 other Awesome Qualities of ADHD, and editor of the #1 bestselling ADHD Awareness Book Project series. Reach out to Laurie through her website at and get your complimentary eBook, “Brain surfing and 31 other Awesome Qualities of ADHD”.




It's Exhausting Pretending to Be Normal: Secrets to Coming Out of the ADHD Closet

On the outside, ADHD folks look like everyone else. That's because most of them are trying like the devil to act "normal" hoping that no one notices they are staying late every night to keep up with business or that the kids are wearing the same shirt three days in a row because the laundry mildewed in the washer (sigh). It's tough pretending to be normal every day. It takes a toll on our energy, our self esteem and our souls. Maybe it's time to come out of that ADHD closet, shrug off those carefully constructed personas and be fully, truly YOU.

Linda Roggli, ADHD author, coach and retreat facilitator gives you the key to unlock that closet door in this popular webinar!

Linda Roggli

Linda Roggli, PCC, is the founder of the ADDiva Network which celebrates and supports women with ADHD who are 40-and-better and the author of "Confessions of an ADDiva- midlife in the non-linear lane," which won first prize in the New Generation Indy Book awards. She is a Professional Certified Coach and facilitates a 650+ member support group for adults with ADHD. She is the vice-president of the Board of Directors for ADDA and chairs the weekly ADDA webinar series. Linda and her slightly OCD husband Victor live in Durham, NC with two highly-indulged Shelties, a chorus of bluebirds and far too many white-tailed deer who eat her organic veggies just before she is ready to pick them!

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