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14th International Adult ADHD Conference
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If you’re looking for answers, understanding and solutions to overcome the challenges of your ADHD…this may be the best opportunity you’ve ever had! If you’re already convinced…



Announcing the 14th International



ADULT ADHD Conference!


Reach Out for Connection,

Hope and Empowerment




July 18-21 in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Take control of your ADHD and live the life you never thought possible. The Adult ADHD Conference could be the breakthrough you’re looking for!


Online registration is now closed for the 14th International Adult ADHD Conference. You may register for the conference at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center Detroit, Michigan.

Level 4 | Renaissance Foyer


Dear Friend and Fellow Adult with ADHD,

As an adult living with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you know life can be a continuous struggle.

YYou feel alone. People who don’t have ADHD don’t… can’t… understand. They don’t understand you struggle with ADHD every day, in every area of your life, and there’s no end in sight…

At least until now…

There are viable solutions to the challenges of your adult ADHD. And they’re yours for the taking at the 14th International Adult ADHD Conference.

ADDA is thrilled to bring you its 14th International Adult ADHD Conference. This unique conference combines the power of science and human experience for adults with ADHD, their families and the ADHD professionals who work with them.

Attending this life-changing conference can be the difference between continuing to struggle with the challenges of your ADHD... Or, gaining a new sense of hope and empowerment that allows you to live the successful and fulfilling life you deserve.

It’s your chance to connect with leading ADHD experts, professionals and coaches who offer trusted information, support and solutions.

And maybe just as important, it’s your opportunity to...


Connect with Hundreds of Adults with ADHD, Just Like You

Why is this connection so important? One of the most important things you can do to overcome the challenges of your ADHD is to connect with others facing and successfully overcoming similar challenges.

The knowledge you gain at this conference from the leading ADHD experts is very important. It’s essential to becoming empowered… and to taking control of your life and overcoming the ADHD-related challenges you’re struggling with.

But, knowledge alone can take you only so far...

The missing link…

Take the knowledge, strategies and solutions you learn from the team of ADHD experts at the conference…. and combine it with the power of the support system you acquire by connecting with others… and you have a success formula that transforms your life as you never believed possible.

"One of the things I love most about attending an ADDA Conference is getting to meet a lot of people who become friends for years to come. It’s almost impossible to go to an ADDA Conference without feeling really connected and part of something great that is going on. You learn a lot, share a lot and leave the conference with a tremendous amount of hope… not despair.”

~Terry M. Dickson, M.D., ACG, CPCC
Director of the Behavioral Medicine Clinic of NW Michigan
ADHD Family Coach


Answers Give Hope

When you connect, you find people with answers. Or maybe you find people who have the same questions you do… you can search for the answers together. Connections give you hope. Answers give you hope. You’re not alone in your struggle… people just like you have solved the problems you’re facing.

ADDA’s Adult ADHD Conference is your single best opportunity to get answers. You’ll speak with people in person, shake hands with the leading experts in the field of adult ADHD, look people in the eye and know they understand exactly what you’re going through. And you’ll get the answers you need

Return Empowered

And when you go back to your life, back home, back to work, back to school… you’re not alone. You have answers; you have hope. And most of all, you’re empowered, because you’re now in charge of your life.

And with the special pricing available for ADDA members attending the Conference, it just makes sense to become and ADDA member. You’ll save money on conference registration AND you’ll have ADDA to turn to throughout the year… your touchstone, your place to come back to, like coming home, where people just get you.


"The ADDA conference changed my life. The people who attended it, the board that ran it and the energy of the conference gave me the courage and support I needed to learn about my own ADHD and embrace it. I will always be indebted to ADDA for its people, mission and sincere passion to empower all adults with ADHD around the globe."

~David Giwerc, MCC, MCAC, BCC, Founder and President, ADD Coach


The Adult ADHD Conference Delivers

ADDA created the Adult ADHD Conference to combine the power of science and human experience for adults with ADHD and ADHD professionals.

Nothing else comes close to the experience of hundreds of adults with ADHD attending a conference with you, a conference where you can:

Connect with numerous ADHD specialists and peers
Attend key-note sessions of leading ADHD experts
Choose from over 50 breakout presentations and workshops
Learn about up-to-date procedures and treatments
Discover the strategies that work for other ADHD adults just like you
Be yourself, without being judged
Make friendships that’ll last a lifetime!
And much more!

Attend the 14th International Adult ADHD Conference and you’ll get up-to-date information and resources, but you also become part of a community. You’ll connect with therapists, psychologists and coaches and with other adults with ADHD, people who understand exactly what you are going through.


Online registration is now closed for the 14th International Adult ADHD Conference. You may register for the conference at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center Detroit, Michigan.


Begin at the Beginning...

The Opening Reception starts off Conference activities on Thursday evening, July 17, 2013. (Well, we actually added a bunch of pre-conference sessions on Thursday afternoon absolutely free… we received so many excellent proposals we just couldn’t cut, but the program was already jam-packed with the best experts in the industry… so we decided to give you more!) The reception is the perfect chance to get acquainted, renew old friendships and meet the experts who’ll be speaking and conducting workshops throughout the Conference.

ADDA Always Brings You the Biggest Names in Adult ADHD

Keynote speakers address all attendees Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Adult ADHD Conference always welcomes the biggest names in adult ADHD and this year is no different.

Sari Solden, our Friday morning keynote speaker, will start the conference with a bang! Sari is an adult ADHD expert with over 25 years experience. She's a renowned communicator, speaker at conferences both nationally and internationally and she is the respected author of "Women with Attention Deficit Disorder" and "Journeys Through ADDulthood."

On Saturday morning, Rick Green will be the keynote speaker. Rick Green, founder of TotallyADD and a rising star in the adult ADHD world is the creator of the documentary films, "ADD and Loving It?!" and "ADD and Mastering It." Seen by thousands appearing on PBS and television networks throughout the US and Canada, Rick Green has a real gift for sharing the truth about adult ADHD. As Risk says, "Everyone deserves to have this feeling of being in charge of their lives, rather than being a confused victim of mysterious whims. It’s possible."

And for the grand finale of the entire conference, Dr. Edward M. Hallowell will share his message of hope for adults with ADHD. Dr. Hallowell is best known for the ground-breaking books he co-authored with Dr. John Ratey, Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction, which have sold millions of copies and been the first source of answers and hope for many newly-diagnosed adults with ADHD. Dr. Hallowell is a highly recognized public figure, appearing on numerous national television programs including Oprah, Dr. Oz, 20/20 Dr. Phil, 60 Minutes, CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and The View. He has been interviewed for The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Time Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, the Los Angeles Times, and many other leading publications. Yes, he is much in demand, but on Sunday morning, July 21, 2013 at the ADDA Adult ADHD Conference, he's all ours!

Learn What You Need for Successful Living with Adult ADHD

ADDA made an industry-wide call to ADHD experts, authors, researchers, coaches, therapists and more for workshops and presentations of the most advanced information available on adult ADHD. Evaluated by a jury of the most well-known and respected names in adult ADHD, we select only the best workshops and presentations to include in the Adult ADHD Conference.

Speakers and breakout session leaders include Dr. Charles Parker, Linda Anderson, Dr. Kenny Handleman, Ari Tuckman, Terry Dickson, David Giwirc, Rick Green, Terry Matlen, Linda Walker, Jennifer Koretsky, Barbara Luther and more

If it will help adults with ADHD lead better lives, you’ll learn more about it at the 14th International Adult ADHD Conference. At least 40 breakout presentations and workshops are conducted by the leading names in adult ADHD today. This WILL be an unforgettable weekend!

What Will I Learn?

Leading experts in everything adult ADHD assemble at the Adult ADHD Conference to offer workshops, presentations and seminars. This is THE place to learn about the most advanced research, techniques and strategies in:

ADHD medical management
ADHD and the science of change
ADHD in relationships
Parenting for adults with ADHD
Overcoming ADHD obstacles using expressive arts
ADHD career choices
Workplace strategies
Preventing ADHD-related burnout
Organizational strategies
Overcoming chronic overwhelm
Neuroscience research and the adult with ADHD
And more!

We even have sessions for non-ADHD partners living with an adult with ADHD!


Online registration is now closed for the 14th International Adult ADHD Conference. You may register for the conference at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center Detroit, Michigan.


Talent Show

Ask anyone who’s been to the Adult ADHD Conference... this is the first thing they talk about. More fun is had by more people than is legal in most states! Oh, sure, ask people and they’ll say, "I learned a lot, met wonderful people... I have friends today I met at a conference 10 years ago!” but then they’ll always come back to, "But the ADHD Talent Show! What a riot!”

This is the chance for you to show off what you can do! Any adult with ADHD attending the Adult ADHD Conference is welcome and encouraged (but not required) to participate in the Talent show Saturday night. Ranging from the serious to the silly, we provide the perfect environment for you to reveal the real you. No judgment, no critics, no scorecard. There are no losers, only winners!

Exhibit Hall

Between sessions and during breaks, you’ll thoroughly enjoy strolling around the Exhibit Hall. We invite companies and organizations offering products and services exclusively for adults with ADHD to take a booth in the Exhibition Hall. Experts are on hand to answer your questions and to help you get the help you need. The Adult ADHD Conference is also the perfect opportunity to meet your favorite authors (or newly discovered favorites) and have them sign your books!

One more thing… it’s very important.

Every day you delay taking decisive action, doing what it takes to get the knowledge, strategies and support you need to overcome your ADHD challenges is costing you (and your loved ones) emotionally, physically and financially.

You need to struggle like this. There are viable solutions to the challenges of ADHD! And, they are waiting for you at the 14th International Adult ADHD Conference.

Everything has been done to make this the most impactful and transformative conference that you, as an adult with ADHD, could ever attend.

And, this potentially life-changing event is yours for the taking… but only if you take action and register to attend. We urge you to do it now…it may be the wisest decision you ever make to ensure a better future for you and the ones you love.


 Online registration is now closed for the 14th International Adult ADHD Conference. You may register for the conference at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center Detroit, Michigan.



Best Regards.



Evelyn Polk Green, MS.Ed.
President, ADDA Board of Directors

P.S. If you haven’t already registered, maybe you need more details about the conference. Here are some links to additional information that will help make your decision to attend easier...

Keynote Speakers
Conference Program
Talent Show
Exhibit Hall
Conference Center

If you’re not on the ADDA email list, please subscribe today. It’s free, you’ll receive ADDA’s newsletter and amazing bonus recordings of presentations by ADHD experts (just like the one’s you’ll hear at the conference!) and you’ll be kept up to date on every last detail about the Conference and more.

If you really want to be "in the know,” consider becoming a volunteer. ADDA is a volunteer-run organization and we count on our members’ generous nature to make amazing things happen. If you’d like to help organize the conference, please contact the ADDA National Conference committee chairperson, Evelyn Polk-Green.


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