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LSAT Administrators Can No Longer Defend Discrimination as “Free Speech!”


Listen to Attention Talk Radio Host, Jeff Copper Interview Robert Tudisco


Here is a huge victory for students with ADHD and other disabilities. It is a perfect example of the power of a unified voice. Unfortunately, the fight is not over. This is a solid first step, but there are several other high stakes tests, like the LSAT, that still discriminate against students with ADHD and other disabilities. We can't stop until discrimination ends for all students with ADHD and other disabilities. Listen here»


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ADDA’s 25th Anniversary Conference (held July 24-27, 2014) was phenomenal! Four days (including a full day of preconference workshops and sessions on July 24th!), with four fabulous keynote speakers and over 50 breakout sessions! Add to that numerous special events, such as the past and present board members panel, the Saturday night Gala with a panel discussion on 25 years of adult ADHD with Sari Solden, Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. Thomas Brown all in celebration of 25 years of ADDA! It was a celebration of one of the most creative, impulsive, adventurous tribes on Earth all gathered to share the latest research and up-to-the-minute, leading-edge strategies for succeeding with adult ADHD.


And we’ve got it all on tape! (Well, not “tape,” really, but you know what we mean…



"TADD" Talks

You've heard of "TED" talks? Everyone's heard of TED talks. As part of ADHD Awareness Month and our special activities, ADDA has created TADD, where we'll be Talking about ADD every day the entire month of October! TED talks are 18 minute presentations on a variety of interesting subjects. TADD recordings are only 9 minutes long (we do have a shorter attention span, you know!)

Want to know about TADD Talks but hate to read? We've even got a solution for that! Check out this video, or read on to learn more about what's in store for you this month.

We're got fantastic recordings from the leading experts in the ADHD community all available free, and there's no registration required.

What great information am I talking about? Check these out!






Let's Change the World!

ADDA’s Workplace Issues Committee is conducting a survey to determine:

  1. How many ADHDers choose to disclose their ADHD at work?
  2. What factors contribute to the decision to disclose (or not)?
  3. For those who do disclose, what are the results?

If you are or were an employee with ADHD, whether or not you ever disclosed your ADHD at work, please help shed some light on the decision to disclose.  Our survey can be completed quickly and easily. The results will be published here on the ADDA Web site.  Participate now.

Can we count on you?

Please spread the word and encourage other adults with ADHD to take the survey. Knowing helps all of us! Thank you!

Learn more about disclosing your ADHD at work.

ADDA's Open for Business

ADHDers are renowned entrepreneurs. Many of our members own businesses or are self-employed. ADDA is now open to accepting advertising in our monthly newsletter (going out to many thousands of adults with ADHD eagerly seeking solutions in the form of your products and services. If you have something of value to offer our audience, you can support ADDA while ADDA and its members help you build your business.  Read More»



Don't Try Harder, Try Different: An Interview with Jeff Copper

By Jeff Copper

"Don't try harder, try different," says Jeff Copper, President of DIG Coaching, and founder of Attention Talk Radio, Attention Talk Video and Attention Talk News. According to Copper, the problem for those with ADHD and similar attention issues is not that they have trouble paying attention, but that they are paying attention to the wrong things. Read More»

The Year of Small Things

By Linda Walker, PCC, B.Adm.

I declare a "Year of Small Things."

The quest for more, bigger, and better things is a never-ending path that ultimately leads to having less. Striving to have the biggest and best leads to overspending on luxuries and undervaluing the little things that matter most. This same quest caused the global financial crisis. We can't fix the economy, but we can make small changes in habits that transform personal finances Read more»



Harriet Stienberg's Tax Prep Strategies


By Harriet Steinberg

Which would you rather do: work on your taxes or stick a fork in your eye? PUT DOWN THE FORK! It's not that bad. Honestly. Read more»

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